Celebrating World Environment Day, Ecobuild Held National Talk Show

June 6, 2024by admin

The presence of innovation in green architecture has become one of the answers to the need for sustainable solutions in development. The increasing awareness of environmental impacts is driving the architecture industry to seek more environmentally friendly solutions in its works.

With a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities, as well as the collaboration of various parties, it is hoped that green architecture innovation will become an effective and practical solution to creating a sustainable environment in the future.

On Wednesday 5 June 2024 coinciding with the momentum of World Environment Day established by the General Assembly of the United Nations during the 1972 Stockholm Conference, Ecobuild Green Building Consultant held a national talk show with the theme ‘Innovations in Eco-Friendly Architecture’.

The talk show was organized online and broadcasted live via YouTube channel, attended by more than 500 participants from various backgrounds, including practitioners, academics, companies, government, associations, and media from Sabang to Merauke.

The talk show featured prominent speakers who shared the latest trends and insights on green architecture. Notable speakers included Ar. Georgius Budi Y, IAI, AA (Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Architects), Ar. Reza A. Nurtjahja, IAI (Managing Director & Principal Architect of URBANE), Ir. Wiza Hidayat, ST, GP, IPU, ASEAN Eng (CEO of Ecobuild Green Building Consultant) and Dr. Ir. Ar. Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra, ST, S.Ds, MA, MH, IAI, IPU, ASEAN Eng (Lecturer of Udayana University, Chairman of PII Bali Region & Member of MUK BK Architecture Engineering).

The event was opened by Wiza Hidayat as CEO of Ecobuild Green Building Consultant and hosted by Annisa Marwati as moderator. As a green building consultant, Wiza emphasized that this earth is a relay legacy that must be passed on to the next generation. In addition, the green building sector has a significant impact on the realization of zero carbon emissions, therefore cooperation is needed to save the earth for our future descendants.

“The earth is not inherited from our ancestors, but actually we only borrow from our children and grandchildren. The building sector is one of the sectors that has a significant impact, of course this is a collaboration between all of us to be able to go towards net zero emissions and save the earth for us to inherit to our next generation,” said Wiza at the event, Wednesday (5/6).

Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Architects Georgius Budi Yulianto or who is familiarly called Boegar, said that eco-friendly activists must encourage sustainable architecture & development programs to continue to be close to our daily lives.

“I think we must continue to encourage our friends (eco-friendly activists) to continue to understand that eco-friendly is part of the sustainable architecture and sustainable development programs that have become our daily lives,” said Budi Yulianto.

Reza A. Nurtjahja explained that eco-friendly architecture becomes our attitude in designing a building. By considering green building design as an attitude, it is hoped that this earth will continue to be sustainable.

“Knowledge or skills about eco-friendly architecture must be an attitude, the most basic thing when we design, so it is not a necessity or obligation that we must follow but an attitude. Maybe by considering it as an attitude, we hope the earth can be saved,” said URBANE Managing Director & Principal Architect, Reza.

Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra emphasized that green building is a necessity not an option. In addition, Acwin said we must save the earth for our future descendants through green building.

‘Our earth is not doing well, so green building is a must, not an option. Our ancestors have been responsible for the earth and it is our duty as the current generation, to continue to save this earth for the sustainability of our children, grandchildren and generations in a sustainable manner. Every breath we take, every step we take, every stroke of our hands is towards the continuity of the safety of our earth,’ said Udayana University Lecturer, Chairman of PII Bali Region & Member of MUK BK Architectural Engineering, Acwin.

Not only held a talk show to coincide with World Environment Day, Ecobuild Green Building Consultant also invited talk show participants to contribute directly by donating to the ‘Plant The Tree With Ecobuild’ campaign to support Sustainability. This campaign invites the community to participate in planting Rhizophora Mangrove trees in Bedono Village, Demak Regency, Central Java, in collaboration with LindungiHutan.com.

This campaign runs from 5 June 2024 to 19 June 2024, with a target of planting 1,000 trees.

As a token of appreciation, Ecobuild Green Building Consultant will pin the ‘Environmental Heroes of the Day’ to the three most enthusiastic webinar participants and/or those who planted the most trees.


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