Bangunan Gedung Hijau (BGH)

Indonesia Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has issued regulations No. 21/2021 about Bangunan Gedung Hijau (BGH) certification that is mandatory for all new and existing buildings under certain categories and total floor area.

What is Bangunan Gedung Hijau (BGH)?

Bangunan Hijau (BGH) is a building that meets building service requirements and has measurable performance in addition to significant savings in energy, water, and other energy resources through the application of the BGH principles according to the Regulation of the Minister of PUPR of the Republic of Indonesia no 21 of 2021.

Bangunan Hijau (BGH) assesses 5 green building categories namely new buildings, existing buildings, community green housing, new green areas, and existing green areas. BGH certification is carried out in 4 stages of the building cycle: the planning stage, the construction implementation stage, the operational stage, and the demolition stage.

Point-based system

The maximum point that can be achieved is 165 points in total. There are three levels of certifications: BGH Pratama, BGH Madya, and BGH Utama.

There are 7 categories, namely:
1. Site Management / Pengelolaan Tapak
2. Energy Efficiency / Efisiensi Penggunaan Energi
3. Water Efficiency / Efisiensi Penggunaan Air
4. Indoor Air Quality / Kualitas Udara dalam Ruang
5. Environmentally-friendly Materials / Penggunaan Material Ramah Lingkungan
6. Waste Management / Pengelolaan Sampah
7. Effluent Management / Pengelolaan Air Limbah

No. Persyaratan Poin BGH Pratama BGH Madya BGH Utama
A Pengelolaan Tapak 38 ● 45% – 65%
● Capaian kinerja
sesuai SLF
● Lebih dari 65% – 80%
● sesuai parameter
Permen PUPR
Penilaian Kinerja
● Lebih dari 80% – 100%
● sesuai parameter
Permen PUPR
Penilaian Kinerja BGH
B Efisiensi Penggunaan Energi 46
C Efisiensi Penggunaan Air 22
D Kualitas Udara dalam Ruang 19
No Persyaratan Poin BGH Pratama BGH Madya BGH Utama
E Penggunaan   Material
Ramah Lingkungan
F Pengelolaan Sampah 7
G Pengelolaan Air   Limbah 12
Total 165
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