EDGE is an innovation from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and currently operating in Indonesia with a collaboration of GBC Indonesia. EDGE can be applied in various types of building such as residential, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, retail, and office. Currently, EDGE has three levels of certification, consisting: of EDGE Certified, EDGE Advance, and Zero Carbon.

Our EDGE Services
● EDGE Expert
An EDGE Expert is a professional who helps a developer, owner, and larger project team understand the EDGE standard, software, and certification system. The scope of the EDGE Expert’s work includes advice on green design and assistance with the preparation of an application for EDGE certification.

● EDGE Auditor
EDGE Auditors review a building project submitted for EDGE certification and assess whether the building design and constructed building meet the EDGE requirements.

● EDGE Expert + Auditor in 1 Project
The GBCI EDGE One-Stop Shop can provide both EDGE Auditor services and EDGE Expert or other consultancy services on the same project, creating a more seamless certification experience for your customers.

● EDGE Zero Carbon
EDGE Zero Carbon certification offers clients the opportunity to certify their projects as carbon neutral. A minimum of 20 percent savings in water and embodied energy are required, with 40 percent energy savings on-site, and 100 percent energy savings achieved either through renewables or carbon offsets.

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