Ecobuild in Greenship Data Center (DC) Pilot Project

December 21, 2023by admin

Ecobuild proudly announced that Pusat Data Nasional (PDN) project in Cikarang, West Java, just received Platinum predicate by using Greenship Data Center (DC) rating tools, setting a new standard in the development of Data Centers in Indonesia to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the high consumption of energy in Data Center operations.

This project is proudly appointed as the “Pilot Project” for Greenship Data Center (DC) rating tools from Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI).

Involved as the consultant for this project, Ecobuild proudly announced that the score received is 194 points from the maximum 209 points, making this project achieved “Platinum” predicate as the highest credential.

The certificate was delivered in the GREENSHIP Gala event held on December 19th 2023 at Soehanna Hall Jakarta. GBCI also proudly launched “Greenship Data Center” rating tools as the new green building rating tool aimed specifically for the growing Data Center projects in Indonesia.

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