Ecobuild Talks About Leadership in Sustainable Architecture on

June 10, 2024by admin

The concept of green buildings is a vital solution to address environmental challenges. However, implementing this concept in Indonesia faces significant hurdles due to its perception as an expensive and complicated process. Education and advocacy are crucial in changing this view.

In response, Ecobuild Green Building Consultant leads the way by implementing efficient green buildings in Indonesia, demonstrating that these projects can provide economic benefits without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Since 2023, Ecobuild has worked on more than 50 green building projects throughout Indonesia. Wiza Hidayat, CEO of Ecobuild, started Ecobuild out of concern for Jakarta’s pollution, traffic jams, and poor air quality.

One of Ecobuild’s prestigious projects is the Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) building, which combines renewable energy, efficient air management systems, and environmentally friendly building materials.

Wiza founded Ecobuild with Yadi Krisnadi and Taufik Hendra, envisioning buildings that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically efficient and comfortable. His ambition is to make Ecobuild a leader in green building consulting in Southeast Asia. Ecobuild also plans to develop new services to help more companies and individuals adopt environmentally friendly practices.

“Green building is not just a passing trend, but an urgent need towards Indonesia’s Net Zero Emission 2060 target,” Wiza Hidayat said.

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