Green Building Strategies Towards Indonesia Net Zero Emission 2060

August 10, 2023by admin

Entering the 21st century, the world faces increasingly serious environmental challenges, such as global warming, climate change, flooding, pollution, or waste management. These issues also threaten the sustainability of the environment and life. To deal with it, a joint commitment from all parties is needed.

In response to this, along with the momentum of the National Technology Awakening Day on August 10, 2023, Ecobuild held a Talkshow with the theme “Green Building Strategies Towards Indonesia Net Zero Emission 2060”.

Green Building experts share their views on this matter namely Iwan Prijanto (Chairperson of Green Building Council Indonesia), Doti Windajani (Chairperson Indonesian Institute of Architects – Jakarta), Bintang Agus Nugroho (Chairman of Indonesian Green Building Experts Association) and Yadi Krisnadi (Chairman & Advisor of EcoBuild).

The Talkshow was held online and broadcasted live via YouTube and attended by more than 300 participants from various stakeholders such as practitioners, universities, companies, government, associations and media.

Assisted by Nur Shabrina Zulfa (Lead Designer – Arkadia Works) as the moderator, the talk show discussed steps and challenges on implementing Net Zero Green Building.

Iwan Prijanto said that the trend of building sector emissions per capita in Indonesia has increased in the last 5 years compared to the trend of other G20 countries which is relatively decreasing. “It is possible that this trend will also happen to Indonesia in the next few years. Therefore, natural design elements should be applied to buildings in tropical climates. Start from nature-based solutions,” Iwan explained.

Doti Windajani explained that Jakarta is still facing the issue of urban heat island. “Land utilization in Jakarta for residential reaches ±50% so that standards for property are required, enabling the zero emission target in the country can be measured. For this reason, collaboration between all parties is needed to ensure that the 2060 net zero emission plan in Jakarta can run well,” said Doti.

Bintang Agus Nugroho said that when professionals start a practice with environmental awareness, they will invite others to participate in it, and then technology is incorporated to make it happen. “We can correct the impression that green building is an expensive practice.
But it requires creativity, fluent knowledge, and a broad understanding of scientific developments,” said Bintang.

Yadi Krisnadi explained the steps towards net zero building. “Start from small things that are permanent. First of all, apply passive design in the building, then do efficient electricity and water consumption. Utilize onsite renewable energy and if possible, utilize off site renewable energy by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificate,” Yadi Krisnadi explained.

As a sign of appreciation, EcoBuild planted 10 Mangrove trees in Semarang, Central Java in the name of the speakers. This tree planting symbolizes Ecobuild commitment to participate in preserving a sustainable environment for the next generation.

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