Oasis Central Sudirman

September 4, 2023by admin

Green Energy Superblock Oasis Central Sudirman is a Taspen land optimization project located on Jalan Sudirman Kavling 2, Central Jakarta. Oasis Central Sudirman consists of 2 main towers.

Oasis Central Sudirman will combine the interests of business and office activities through the concept of green building as well as prioritizing the interests of environmental conservation.

Works with Ecobuild to obtain green building certification, Oasis Central Sudirman has successfully achieved Greenship Existing Building Certification from Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) with a Platinum predicate.

Year: 2023. Building Type: Commercial Office
Rating System: Greenship New Building
In a collaboration with PT Sketsa Aliansi Kharisma Abadi


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