Save Our Planet, Save our Future!

November 28, 2023by admin

This year, Ecobuild, Arkadia Works, and The Institution of Engineers Indonesia planted mangrove trees in Sederhana Beach Village, Muara Gembong, Bekasi.

Muara Gembong is one of the areas affected by tidal flooding and abrasion in Bekasi. With an area of abrasion reaching 2,463.3 Ha and changes in the coastline that occur, mangrove planting is an effective solution to respond to this environmental challenge.

In line with the commitment to save the earth and also celebrating the Indonesia Tree Planting Day. Ecobuild, Arkadia Works and The Institution of Engineers Indonesia collaborated with Maju Bersama Farmers Group to plant more than 1000 mangroves in Muara Gembong.

Happy Indonesia Tree Planting Day! Save our Planet, Save our Future!

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